Microwave Antenna Systems
  Scientific and Telemetric Applications


  De Vries Scientific provides design and manufacturing of custom   Scientific and Telemetry Antenna Systems for the Commercial, Aerospace,  and the Defense Industries.  All products are designed to specifications based on customer requirements. 



   *  Low Gain Fixed Antennas for Short Range Telemetry Reception

   *  Medium Gain Fixed Antennas for Mid-Range Telemetry Reception

   *  Medium Gain Antennas for  SCMP Telemetry Tracking

   *  Medium Gain Antennas for GPS Telemetry Tracking

   *  TDRSS Satellite Up-Link Antenna Systems

   *  Integrated Antennas:  Element - Filter - LNA Systems

   *  Antenna Control Units (ACU) for Tracking Antenna Systems

  De Vries Scientific's scientists and engineers have over 30 years experience in the design, development and application of microwave antenna systems.  The customer list includes: NASA, Sandia Natl. Labs, Wallops Island, L. L. Natl. Labs,  USAF, USArmy, USNavy, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, ULA, Honda Jet, Virgin Galactic.